Thursday, 4 December 2014


When sanity comes back
None of our thread will be crazy
Not the threads and buttons
Nor the zips and fastenings
Who conspired to leave bodies bared
They despise to stay on skins
Baring for gaze ample bosoms
Contriving to refuse any extension
Preferring to leave nothing to imaginations

When sanity returns
Our threads and its weaving will heed more control
They’ll stop our jeans from hanging mid-thigh
They’ll refuse being torn in the knees and all sorts
Nor would they allow
For some trousers to share names with vegetables

When sanity revisits
These pot-bellied fellas won’t run out of gyms
And resort to fence-climbing
Nor would their boss dance at rallies
Morning after our daughters changed schools
Leaving the comfort of their classroom and loved ones
For some new school
In the thick of the forest
Kept in harems being ripened for pluck

When sanity is back here
There’ll be no more dawn criers
Shouting doom and destruction
Like they are heaven’s gatekeepers
And yet they claim its good news
Nor would some wear garments of incendiaries
Fighting fights for their gods
The sheer foolishness of their wisdom stares back
For human shouldn’t go on in fights
For gods who wouldn’t help themselves
'cause gods don’t die, only human does



  1. When sanity returns, we know what will happen.

    But now that insanity reigns...


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