Wednesday, 30 March 2016


All I did was love you
if I did nothing wrong
this is but one that breaks the tie.

Nothing I have is hid from you,
you had everything I had,
Akin, you had me spirit soul and body.

When I met you Ade-mi,
you're were tired, spent and worn
the mannequins in my shop wear better clothes
even then, I traded on hand-me-downs.

I saw in you a soul that needed a boost
and a will to drive on like the bended axe of a relentless gold-digger
I held you, cared and comforted as I could.

These girls that won't let you see road
where were they when we fasted days and nights
you had no beauty then that they could love I guess.

Akin,you who have named 'Ifa' liar
has now tagged 'esu' thief
you stare hard at the heavens like one who will not die
And turned deaf ears to appeasements meant for the gods
Rest easy, your own will meet you!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016


At the ripe age of 15 years
was when it first happened
I had filled out,
like a well written letter, punctuated in the right place
and from the stares and open admiration visited on my body
I'm a sight for sore eyes
I had just discovered pleasure
lurking in the recess of my body
from touches purely accidental
to the ones from Ugo's able finger
I was a miracle waiting to happen
or so I thought.
That hot afternoon in November
mother's 'honey-Joe' offered me a chilled glass of orange juice
I saw the looks they exchanged
but I was too parched to care,
I mean it was after all from my mother's husband
Weeks later I would replay waking up
my skirt still on but half up my thighs
strangely I'm not with either of my tights or panties
a strange bitter-sour taste hangs in the beginning of my throat
I felt sore in between my thighs
blood stain and another I couldn't describe.
I would go on to tell mother that night
she shrugged it off as those things dream does to you
strange she wouldn't look me in the eyes
somehow I know I had been had
especially I wake up from strange sleeps at odd periods
often preceded by drinking something mum gave me or good old honey-Joe
I got my pen-knife two days ago
it's double edged and razor sharp
that snaking piece between honey-Joe's legs
is gonna be taken surgically from him
it would be my first surgery
after all mother said I would be a doctor.
Oh and I did detach it
so much blood and squealing like a pig
he's starting to stare at Chioma's budding breasts...