Monday, 30 November 2015


Let us talk old lover,
of our love that went sour
like fermented palmwine, or wine 
ladden thick with vinegar
as old white shirts turn yellow with age, 
or like the swirl of mighty water
poured down a little cup
till all that's left is a trickle
narrowing slowly like a funnel's end.

You were first a neighbour
young, innocent and naive.
I liked you then in a strange way
while sharing bed with a friend to your friend.
You wouldn't touch me with ten-foot pole,
men of my ilk scares you
virtue-thieves you tagged me
but for my mind and know-how
I would to you be useless.

Years and years down the lane
we met again as fate would will it
from a phone call to several of same
end-to-end till your guard I lowered
you liked me for what I stood for
but now that you've grown,
I'm too boring to be your type

I met family, I met friends
memories of night spent together
you and I and your blood.
It took months and months 
then you really started to warm up
by then an old flame was kindling
I could see your fire for me
building and growing
but alas at last
my kindling flame is now a roaring furnace

Now that you're starting to love me like it's your life force
I've packed my bags, ready to go
sorry if today I break your heart
but if with you I take the journey
our boat will take in water and someday capsize
for my heart you long to have
belongs to her who knows it not
how much it's worth to you.
Goodbye old lover...

Friday, 6 November 2015


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