Monday, 24 November 2014


Like a lark in the hunter’s nest
my heart thumps a symphony
a turpsy-turvy melody
telling stories
of chaps and damsels
of promised pleasure and magic making
of memories and deep sighs
of moans and whispers.
Like a gift we’ll unwrap
like a scroll it’ll unfold
like a reel, motions and pictures
all because you smiled
and tickled my ears
with the feathery touch of your voice
and now, I want more
I want you!


There goes Lucky our friend
he lives three blocks away
jolly as he skips back home
Lucky is such a Lucky chap

While for us we had father
blessed also with the warmth mother exudes
Lucky makes us green in envy
For he has himself two fathers

 When in school it’s ‘mother’s day’
all our mums are seen to chat
and right there at the corner wing
we all can see one of Lucky’s dads

Yesterday we wore sweaters
mine was blue, others in colours too
we all had our names knitted
but neither of Lucky’s father could

Tomorrow we’ll be there to cheer
our mothers will be singing
will they allow either of Lucky’s fathers?
Perhaps it’s time to rent a mom

All of us has God-mothers
we love them for the bear gifts
but if Lucky’s has only fathers
does he need a god-mother?

Every time we get to talk
All save one talk of mothers
After all, his is different.


Thursday, 20 November 2014


If I see no brighter smile,
this I see lasts a lifetime and more.
If larks could hear you sing, they'd be jealous,
knowing you fare better
than they ever would.
Like sweet confectionery,
beauty in taste, beauty in sight
As the one for whom my heart sings,
does your smiling lips
offer me as much as it promises?
Photo Courtesy: Google Images

Does the thumping of my heart mirrors yours?
Does yours dances in rhythm with mine?
Do your dreams feature little me and little you?
Just as your voice sings in my heart,
does mine minister to yours too?
‘Cause if the sight that greets my stare
is as sure as my pulse,
I know I'm safe; I know it’s real; you are real!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Were I a minstrel
I'll sing you a ballad

a soft slow love song
that'll stir you deep and strong
you'll swoon and yearn for more.

If only I were a minstrel

every night I'll sing you a lullaby
cuddle you and watch you sleep.

Oh how I wish

I could wrap you around me like a raiment
wear your scent like a cologne
and your love,
as a ring on my finger


Give me then the drummer's stand

and let me drum you a symphony
that mirrors my heartbeat,
oh yes, a love rhythm.

Beloved, draw nigh

let's sway to these beats
to these tunes our love plays
you and I, a love dance.