Friday, 6 February 2015


The circle is near completion
the path to our huts is now well trod
our walls wear their smiling faces
they looks so good
their words looks good too
but we know better
suddenly we’ve become friends
it happens every time they need us
here they are knocking our doors
they come in flowing raiments
our rags barely hide our bums
as usual, bearing smiles and gifts.

Last time they were here
they preached the gospel- CHANGE
effortlessly, promises jumped down their lips
if we didn’t know better
we would have been taken in
in our hunger they fed fat
its four years already,
they want four more
now they are back knocking
with foods, money with promises
of change change change like conductors
haggling with passengers  in a lagos bus.

Last time one of our friends had no shoes
our sympathy we freely gave
in addition to the luck he’s had
and down the lane is a sorry sight
a sad tale of a lost people
last time,
our friend the Khaki man lost the polls
in holy tears and bitter anger
he made us promises of chaos
and for years after his words
by the day the death toll increases
some bombed, some kidnapped
but he has braved the elements
‘cos today he’s here again
like a chameleon in a different colour
he’s a sheep in wolf’s clothing
a sad tale of lost people.   

Monday, 2 February 2015


I am hardly who you can call a night-crawler. The few things that keep me out at night would be hanging out with friends or days of Champion’s League football matches. However these days, the urge to stay indoors at night is more pronounced. It is because election time is here again.
Election is hardly a friend to the Nigerian masses and yours sincerely is one. It is a time characterized with perpetration of several heinous acts. Need I say that hooliganism and thuggery becomes amplified, vandalism and destruction of properties tends to happen especially between supporters of opposition parties, ritualistic killings also become very common. It is therefore not wrong to say that strange things happen a lot in election time in Nigeria.
Sometime in 2012, I escaped a kidnapping attempt. I was final year student in University of Benin and it was few days from Edo state gubernatorial elections. I escaped that day partly owing to my vigilance and all the learning I picked up from the street while growing up. Most of my hostel mates were praising my ‘sharpness’ when I narrated the event but frankly speaking I believe it was my mother’s prayers that stood me in good stead. Many a person weren’t so lucky and they became victim of election period.   I often wondered what would have happened if the road was not too busy for the driver to pull off in acceleration as he wanted to do or if the central lock had not made a loud ‘wack’ as it was activated but I am grateful to God I am here to tell the tale.
It is often alleged, most politician indulge in fetish activities to secure the mandate of their people. It is always in the rumours of the steep prices they pay to achieve their ambitions.
So when you feel like going out someplace and you will be returning too late in the night, please be watchful and be careful. If need be, pass the night at your destination. Elections is less than two weeks away and less than savoury events tends to unfold and many a citizen could go missing again.