Saturday, 15 August 2015


We are two,a two that is one
one of a kind, two of a one.
As you are the female me,
I'm the male you
two of a one, one of a kind.

Great things comes in pairs
two in one, one in two
I'm the left to your right
you're the right to my left
or is it vice-versa?
None can have it better
'cos one in two is two in one.

Seeing your smile that first time
I knew you were 'the' one
one of the two that's now our one.
The complete half of you's me,
and you's a complete one,
the other half to our one
You is me and me, you
a two that is one, a you and a me.

Two sides comes each coin.
And If life were one,
you and I, stuck on either sides.
We'll still be a one
yet we'll be two.
The only two types of a one
the only one of the two.

You and I, Akanke
Two of a one, one of a two
living proof of Cupid's expertise
his bow and arrow, shot once, got us two.
You are me my love, I'm you still
and if this were some love story
we'll be the both sides of the story.
The other me is you, the other you is me
with our love, seamlessly fusing
two now is one, one now is us two.