Saturday, 6 June 2015


Come let's take the walk
down the left corner dark
there we'll lay and watch the stars
it's a breezy night but I'll warm you
I'll cover your body with mine
your lips will envelop all I have
as sighs escape the other
the soft breeze will ruffle your hair
caress our skins, goose pimples

When sated and spent we stare up
arms, limbs and heart all linked
seeing the stars winking in mischief
a welcome voyeur
breath will escape us in pants
as our hearts slowly lose its speed
both clothed in birthsuits and uncaring
then I'll ask you again
on bent knees.

The moon will catch the glint of the jewel
and just when you say a breathless yes
the winds will nudge the trees
they'll sway hither and thither
their leaves will rustle in encouragement
and the heaven will snap us a shot
with a flash of lightening...
Will you not come?