Monday, 29 December 2014


To say tears be blood
walahi I for don dry finish
I too cry I swear.
As I dey wake every morning
na to first cry be my own
na tears be my morning food
na im still be my night food
see as I don bite all my nails finish
na to begin bite my fingers remain so oh.
Caro my babie, nor be my fault I swear
na my village winch(witch) too strong
na plasma dem take dey watch me
dem don upgrade from mirror
na wetin make I misbehave be dat
nor be my fault biko
nor be me wan slap you
na dem make my hand begin stretch like ‘kini’
to say I know I for nor try am
cos baibe(baby), you be better woman
nor let me dry finish bikonu.
Sweetie I dey for ground oh
I nor go gree stand
till you forgive me
I wan go bring ma papa and mama come
you say for wetin?
make dem follow me beg you na
 even that nonsense Bimpe go follow come
na we all go gather beg you.
I swear I nor dey look her waist again
She nor even sabi ‘do’ reach you
My eyes nor dey shook again I swear
Just try forgive me Nkem
I nor go ever try am again
If I lie make I naked baff(bathe)
Nor vex babym
If I try am again, abeg nor forgive me.



  1. i don see the lie already, dey go i no do again

    1. Babiem, nor do like dat na
      I nor dey lie for afternoon
      I nor dey talk for night
      Dis ur luv, I nor fit throway
      Nor be my fault
      Na Bimpe cause trouble
      I nor go look her side again

  2. Hahahahhaa... Bimpe's waist go always dey chook you for eye

    1. My brother, if na you ya eyes go chook too, nor be ma fault mbok

  3. Hahahahahahaa! Choi! This kain apology letter, Caro you sef reason am, forgive my guy nah.

  4. Wole Wole, the true son of the soil. I really like this. Very Original.

    1. Oga mi, beside your table is my stool. There I'm perched, learning from the crumbs that luck drives my way from the abundance on your table...thanks bro


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