Monday, 8 December 2014


I have heard about you.
I have been shown how to identify your type.

They say you will have your wares loaded and well placed
Like a beautifully crafted letter,
punctuated in the right places.

They say I need to take heed
'cos my head will agree with my eyes, and in fact my loins too.

They told me the roll of your hips
will fashion me a third leg
and the tilt in your voice, will keep ringing in my head.

They have told me you come 
with sweetened lips and honeyed tongues.

They also told me the truth about you,
that like 'ajao', who's hands outstretch its thighs
your value stops at your looks

who really is a sight for sore eyes
has in your inside, pure rottenness.


  1. Fantabulous! I wonder who ajao is though...I mean, I love poetry but I suck at it...

  2. Ajao is a fabled animal in the Yoruba lore with exceeding beauty. However, it's only flaw is that it's hand outstretch its thighs thus rendering it imperfect


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