Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Come close dear daughter 
I see in you some great potential
your art is not one I've seen any like it
would you like me to mentor you
lest some idiot take advantage of you?
I'll be your daddy, from here on you're safe
your only problem is that you have no problem.

These girls; my daughters
big daddy is here for you my darlings,
I'm Chijioke, this is what I do best.
A writer is due some excesses
you wouldn't know yet dear daughter
but soon you will,
a man can only resist so long.

Dear daughter mine 
you know I'm a good at what I do, 
I can't be your father, no of course,
I can only be your daddy.

Fathers don't get to touch their daughters
much less boast their sexual conquests, 
what fathers tries to wrest a kiss, a fondle here or a suckle there?
my name is Chijioke, I am your daddy.


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