Sunday, 18 January 2015


It’s time for bed
I’m holding my pillows close
memories flood my thoughts
of you lounging and evading my gaze
smiles dancing in the corners of your lips
watching you try hard to ignore them.

My hand touched yours
you shifted yours away
and then I know
you could feel the currents too.

I remember my glimpse into paradise
when on my lips yours were fixed
and it was that time
I noticed my heart beating together with yours
thumping in rhythm
it became clear I’m stuck.

That time your head lies on my chest
when pleasant sigh escaped your lips
I felt it too
as contentment seeped into our bones
dreams coming true.

Vivid memories won’t stop dancing
wriggling in abandon through my thoughts
born of your lingering essence
left on my pillows
and here I am , sinking delightfully into it.

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