Saturday, 16 May 2020

This Means More...

This means more
loving and you.
Listen to the drums
throbbing pulse of restless heartbeat
a wriggle, a wiggle
beauty in form and out
you can feel the tempo
 throbbing, restless heartbeat.

Listen to the minstrel
the floating of the melody
let it steal into you, 
stealing kisses off you 
as you warm to its soothing thrill 

Listen Ifemi, let it tell you 
how with you loving is redefined 
to mean more, to feel more.
'Cos if my heart that sings today
waits upon tomorrow's joy 
you'll be that part of me, 
that makes everything better by miles.
This means more,.
Loving with you.


Friday, 2 December 2016


See them, all of them
unlike them I'm wont to making allowances.
so I'll say almost all of them
they all think they know me
and my story and my pains.
There they are, 3 personalities-in-1;
Prosecutor, jury and judge.
I have been arrested, tried and condemned
none of these in my presence or knowledge
worse still without a chance at mounting a defence
and feel righter than rain
when they say I'm loveless & stiff.

Today I'll have my day in court
singing, narrating, testifying
playing whichever role, it asks
asking in well weighted rhetoric
of the times I let down my guard,
the time I gave it my all?
I mean, what about the ones I loved?

Shall I talk of the one I loved
who took my love and shoved it down my throat?
 Or the one who kicked away
me, myself and the love I brought in tow.
Were you there, when I was thrown off a moving train
 by the one who used me to bolster her grades
and when her grades rose upon the suspension I toiled at
told me in plain terms not to call her number again?
I could talk of the one who offered me sweet smiles
like a sheep to the slaughter I was lured
I thought love and lust were both sides of one coin
and so through sweaty tryst and moans
I urged my waist to do more,
 to tell tales of my affections, I also urged
my arms to stretch beyond their limits in embrace
all till I was no longer fit for purpose.

Let me talk of the one who I could give half my life to
who at the rumbling of troubled
 skies unlatched my hands from hers
Let's take a little break were the words that shattered my world
I had just lost my university admission and thus unfit
so in words unsaid but acted,
I wasn't going to amount to much again
I'm taking in water, she had to jump ship.

There was the one who loved me
only because I was useful to her
in my error I made her my world
loved her with all my heart and strength
I spent it all on her; for her
paying my dues
till suddenly I became inadequate
I hate that you starve yourself, it makes me look like a glutton
was one of the excuses
not only did she walk into the night
she took with her all the light I had
and here I'm still picking
all the broken pieces of my heart

I could go and on
never been lucky in love
people don't love you for who you are
it's all about what you are, to them.
So when I break a few hearts
or perhaps find your confessions too sweet to be true
it's cos Tayo was more poetic, more lyrical and still left.
Nkiru told me her dreams,
 we were to make babies,
 something from us, just like Olivia did
 vivid pictures I could almost touch till she left me emptied.
If Faith can walk away after crowning me her best lover,
if I had a penny for every time she pledged me her body
I would be rich, far more than many.

Don't be mad Mon Chèri
I also met Ella's family and she mine
we had plans with dates and figures
you should understand why you haven't met any o'mine.
you're not saying anything I haven’t heard before.

You can say all you feel
cast aspersion, a mile long in worth
No man is only a thing, 
we all are different shades of a whole.


Friday, 9 September 2016


With unrequited affection comes the usual irony
Here I am chasing you with all I have and more
while you are there chasing him who chases another...playing out the old well know circle
l who chose on you to rain my bottled up feelings
can see you shower yours on him who floods another with his

Hello there,
girl from my book of faces
I'm he who swoons and fawns at everything you
you're good like your moniker relays
let me share in that paradise
that smile of yours, like sunset in its glory

Come dear sight for my sore eyes
here is my hand take it
closed your eyes and stare into my soul
don't be scared, follow me
lets be partners, co-captains sailing into our own forever

Here I am writing you another letter
like the 'dm' I sent your way yesterday
just for you to look at me and smile that smile
have mercy on my mother girl, let  me through you
gift her a daughter she never had.

Listen 'Angelito mio' to the voice of the enamoured
singing you some smokey ballads
And if again this goes unreplied
I shall be visiting this avenue once again
so may I have your phone numbers
this; a half-chance, just to hear your voice.


Thursday, 1 September 2016


It happened like some ordinary thing
that day I scrolled down my timeline
on the book said to be of faces
I would see a comment you made
my gaze got arrested, magnet to iron

First it was about your name

it was in my native language
I called it out softly so I could hear the sound
loving how it rolled on my tongue
I didn't feel like stopping,
I imagined calling it all my life

I swiftly requested your friendship

you did obliged me yes
and I would that day troll your wall
feasting on your pictures
drinking in your awesomeness
can you recall at all
it was I think, close to your 'bornday'

I would go on to write you letters

requesting your contact, several times
you still say a no, not willing so to do 
a stranger you said I am
the very anomaly I was asking to cure 

Letters after another I would write you

with tales 
of how much by you I'm enamoured
till you had to joke,  if I earn my keep as a secretary
such lovely missives I sent your way you affirmed
but little do you know, the magic of affections
making of a grown man,a blushing school-boy

I still wait longingly

I still stare wistfully
for the day I'll move some inches closer
till the day and time I make of you my partner
of the day, of our morrow and a day after forever...


Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Come close dear daughter 
I see in you some great potential
your art is not one I've seen any like it
would you like me to mentor you
lest some idiot take advantage of you?
I'll be your daddy, from here on you're safe
your only problem is that you have no problem.

These girls; my daughters
big daddy is here for you my darlings,
I'm Chijioke, this is what I do best.
A writer is due some excesses
you wouldn't know yet dear daughter
but soon you will,
a man can only resist so long.

Dear daughter mine 
you know I'm a good at what I do, 
I can't be your father, no of course,
I can only be your daddy.

Fathers don't get to touch their daughters
much less boast their sexual conquests, 
what fathers tries to wrest a kiss, a fondle here or a suckle there?
my name is Chijioke, I am your daddy.